The Healthy Wisconsin Alliance works to ensure the good health of all Wisconsin residents and that Wisconsin's health care system remains strong and vibrant. We advocate for healthy communities, a robust workforce, and ensure that Wisconsin's health care system remains an economic asset to our state. We help educate the public about important issues that could impact their health care they and their families depend on.

Businesses and individuals that care about keeping Wisconsin’s health care industry and communities strong can make a generous contribution to the Healthy Wisconsin Alliance. Supporting the Healthy Wisconsin Alliance now helps ensure resources are available immediately should threats to our successful health care system emerge.‚Äč  

COVID-19 Public Messaging

In response to the ongoing surge of COVID-19 cases throughout the state and the strain hospitals are experiencing as they seek to provide both COVID and regular care to their communities, the Healthy Wisconsin Alliance has enacted a public education campaign next week encouraging vaccination and boosters. The current situation is threating ALL health care. For this reason, a new ad implores audience members not to risk getting the care they or their loved ones need, but to get vaccinated, “so we can be here for you.”


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Educate the public about key policy issues that will impact their health care and Wisconsin's economy.

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Protect our communities and ensure a healthy workforce.

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Ensure Wisconsin's health care industry stays strong and continues to be a critical economic asset for our state.

Healthy Wisconsin Alliance, Inc. is an independent, nonpartisan social welfare organization that informs the public about health care issues, attitudes and trends in Wisconsin. Established in 2005 as a nonstock Wisconsin corporation, Healthy Wisconsin Alliance has been recognized as a section 501(c)(4) advocacy organization and is affiliated with the Wisconsin Hospital Association.